Faculty Contribution in Teaching & Learning

Type of Innovative Teaching Method

Goal of activity

Mode of Publication

PPTs: Faculty prepared PTTs/visual presentation on their subject topics. Content are shared with students online/offline mode and available at College Computer room.

Effective dissemination of content. The content will be useful to refer in case of absentism.  The students can access the content and resolve queries in lecture.    

PPTs Slides available at College computer room

Gnomio Moodle/WordPress: for sharing study material online, as well as conduct of assignments, awarding badges and certificate quiz, group discussion etc.

Faculty has created own online open source learning platform where students can join and have access to teaching material at any point of time. They can interact with faculty members. Students performance can be evaluated by Gnomio moodle/WordPress.



Google Classroom was created by every faculty member. Each subject has been included in it. Active Learning was initiated by use of ICT tools like Testmoz, Kahoot, Mentimeter, Flicker to conduct quiz, assignment

To determine the student’s performance as these app gives the statistics which helps to identify quality of the student as well as to analyze difficulties faced by students in specific content. These tools found to be remarkable in COVID-19 pandemic   

Created account and log in Google Classroom, Testmoz, Kahoot, Mentimeter. Students join tools by using password and code given by the faculty.

Simulation software: for practical demonstration like Chemoffice, Chemsketch, Xcology, WinCAT, Graphpad Prism, Design expert etc.

For comprehensive understanding of structures of drugs in medicinal chemistry, pharmacological actions, demonstration statistical calculations etc.

Softwares are available in College digital library/Laboratory

Pre-class questionaries’ provided to students which is to be answered after the session of online videos and animation during the lectures

To evaluate the dissemination of knowledge, understanding of subject, crticsal thinking, problem analysis, communication skill etc. among the students

Source: Youtube / NPTEL. Links for videos and animations are provided to the students for reference and off campus learning.

Preparation of charts/models.

Survey based project

Charts and models particularly for remembrance of topic in biochemistry, medicinal chemistry and pharmacology. This exercise imparts creativity, communication, subject knowledge etc.   Survey helps to develop critical thinking, problem analysis, ethical awareness, communication skill etc for lifelong learning.

Displayed in laboratory and library for reference and evaluation

Faculty mentor students in preparing presentation

To improve communication, subject knowledge etc.

Computer room for reference and further evaluation

The faculty shares the E-learning material such as textbook, animations, images, surveys, review, research articles etc. to the students

This facilitates learning process by acquiring additional knowledge, preparation for continuous evaluation, term examinations etc

Use of popular Social media network tools like whatsapp and email  

Group discussion and role paly activities

To happen the thought-provoking discussion, personalized learning and group activity to make the classroom an active learning platform

Activities are recorded for evaluation and further upgradation

Group Study: students share B. Pharm. final year project in group of 2 or 3. Projects in group where appropriate mixing of advance and slow learners is done.  

To escalates the cognizance, thinking, designing abilities of the slow learners with advance learner students leading to pair and peer learning

Advance learners and interested students are sent to present their work into conference/symposia conducted outside the campus