INFRASTUCTURE (Click To View Glimpses of College Infrastructure)

Dadasaheb Balpande College of Pharmacy is located in total five acre land at Besa Square, Nagpur. It is well connected by road, railways, and flight. The institute is spread over 2.5 acres with building construction of about 62,000 Sq. Ft. and playground of 2.5 Acre. Institute is embedded with lush green lawns at entrance and playground for students with state level tournament facilities.

Dhanvantari Medicinal garden is spread over 40,000 sq. Ft. at the southern side of the college building. Ample parking space of 10,000 Sq. Ft. is facilitated at the entrance of the college. The college building is constructed as per the specification and norms of AICTE and Pharmacy Council of India for Diploma, Graduate and Postgraduate, and Ph.D. courses in Pharmacy with state of art modern educational facilities. It consists of well-equipped laboratories, specialized central instrument and machine room, modern lecture halls with projector facilities, seminar and conference hall with an interactive board, language laboratory, computer room with high-speed internet facilities, and Library with advanced software, e-journals and educational magazines. The complete campus is Wi-Fi enabled.

The college has almost all major equipment and laboratories needed for training and research for Pharmacy students. Subject-specific laboratories including Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, and Pharmacognosy are spacious and well equipped as per the regulatory requirements. Central Analytical Equipment laboratory has several sophisticated equipments.

The college has advanced equipment such as FT-IR (DRS, NaCl liq. Cell), HPLC (Binary Gradient), Dissolution test apparatus (8 baskets), Disintegration test apparatus, Friability test apparatus, Digital centrifuge machine, Stability chamber, Tablet punching machine combo tooling (D & B type) 10 station single rotary automatic, UV-VIS spectrophotometer, Orbital shaker, Sonicator, Cooling microcentrifuge etc.

Advanced software such as Chem Sketch, Drug Likeness, Swees ADME, Protox-II, PyRx are used in Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry laboratory for training and research purpose.

Construction follows the necessary safety norms. The entire college campus is monitored 24X7 with CCTV. Fire safety instruments are installed at premises. Safety showers and eyewashes are installed at necessary places in the corridor and laboratory. Emergency exit stairs are installed at building premises. College is promoting green energy by installing lights and equipment run on solar systems such as solar distillation assembly. Chemical treatment system and soak pit is set-up to minimize damage to the environment because of chemicals. The water harvesting system at college ensures better utilization of rainwater without wasting it.

Necessary facilities for Divyang are made available at college which includes- provision of lift, special washroom, customized benches at the library, canteen and classroom, priority at college admin, and library area.



No of Laboratories: 06

Including one PG lab, one research lab, a General & Dispensing lab, a Physical Pharmacy lab, Dosage Form Technology, and Pharmaceutical Microbiology labs with an aseptic room.

Each lab approximately: 90 sq. m each (Area 580 sq. ft.) with 10 sq. m. HOD cabin

List of major equipment:

Electrolab dissolution test apparatus, Electrolab disintegration test apparatus, 8 cell diffusion test apparatus, Dual drum Roche friabilator, Tap density apparatus, Sonicataor, Brookfield Viscometer, Stability Chamber, High-speed centrifuge, Capsule filling machine, Oven, Incubator,  etc.


Area: 81.37 sq. m (875Sq. ft.)

List of major equipments:

Combi (D, B tooling) tooling Automatic Tablet punching machine, IPQC instrument, Tray dryer, Coating pan, Polishing pan, Liquid filling sealing machine, Semisolid filling sealing machine etc.


No of Laboratories: 02 (including Central Instrument lab)

Area of Laboratory: 78 sq. m each (Area 839 sq. ft)

Area of Instrument Laboratory: 75 sq. m.

List of major equipments:

Schimadzu FTIR – IR Affinity model with DRS  for solid samples and NaCl cell for liquid cell, Multiple cell UV- VIS spectrophotometer, Schimadzu Double beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Stability Chamber, Schimadzu Prominance Binary Gradient HPLC with PDA detector,


The department is versatile in support to the entire pharmaceutical department for providing the Evaluation and Analytical purpose.

Major Equipment /Instrument

 IPQC instrument, Coating pan, Polishing pan, Liquid filling sealing machine, Schimadzu FTIR – IR Affinity model with DRS  for solid samples and NaCl cell for liquid cell, Multiple cell UV- VIS spectrophotometer, Schimadzu Double beam UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Schimadzu Prominance Binary Gradient HPLC with PDA detector,


No of Laboratories: 03

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry has one Medicinal Chemistry lab, Organic chemistry lab and Pharmaceutical Analysis lab.

Area of each Laboratory: 103 sq. m each (Area 1100 sq. ft.) with 10 sq. m. HOD cabin

List of major equipments:

High Performance Liquid Chromatography, UV- Visible spectrophotometer,  Visible spectrophotometer, Colorimeter, Rotary evaporator,  Flame photometer, Digital  Fluorimeter, Digital Polarimeter, Digital Nephaloturbidometer etc.


No of Laboratories: 02

Department of Pharmacology has two well equipped and furnished laboratories includes Human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and animal with sophisticated digital instruments for preclinical and toxicological research. 

Area of each Laboratory: 95 sq. m each (Area 1000 sq. ft.) with 10 sq. m. HOD cabin

List of major equipments:

Plethysmometer, Catalepsy bar test app., Behavioral models like Actophotometer, Eddy’s hot plate, Analgesiometer, Light and Dark model, Elevated plus maize, Morris water maize, Radial arm maize, Electro convulsiometer


No of Laboratories: 01

  • Department of Pharmacogonosy has one lab

Area of each Laboratory: 103 sq. m each (Area 1100sq. ft.) with 10 sq. m. HOD cabin

List of major equipments:

  • BOD incubator, Projection microscope, Vacuum evaporator, Camera Lucida, Oven, Incubator, UV chamber for TLC, Muffle Furnace, etc.


Area:75 sq. m (Area 807 sq. ft.)

The Internet is transforming society and shaping the future through huge information resource.We cannot imagine technology based professional course like Pharmacy without computers and internet facility. At DBCOP we have air-conditioned computer lab with 40 advanced computer systems with legal Microsoft office-10 software, enabled with internet and connected in LAN network.Language laboratory software is installed in Campus is equipped with Wi-Fi facility is provided as value addition support for the literature survey and academic information resource. DBCOP has well equipped Language Laboratory which is developed under the guidance of communication skills experts to train students for enhancing their writing and verbal capabilities.


Area: 262 sq. m (2800 sq. ft.)

Even in the era of internet and soft copies there is no other alternative to hard copy of text and reference book. We at DBCOP specially insist our students for the maximum use of text books, references and information collected under one roof at our enriched libraryequipped with 7869 books, journals and periodicals.

DBCOP is having spacious library and information center by extended timing with peaceful environment, well lightning, comfortable chairs and tables. Library consist of number of books split between authors, subjects, magazines and newspapers. An entire silent zone with mechanized search system is serviced by librarian who is skilled enough to handle all concerns of students. Advanced software and barcode system is used to issue books. The knowledge bank is well equipped with modem facilities and resources in the form of text books, reference and various official books, Compact Discs, Digital Versatile Disc, Scientific journals with back volumes, Pharma magazines Periodicals, Newsletters.The library also provides photo copy facility for students. An ‘e-library' equipped with broadband internet connection for students and staff members.


DBCOP has well maintained “Dhanvantari Medicinal Plant Garden” with approximately 20,000 sq. ft. area planted with around 146 medicinal and folk plants. The students frequently visit the garden to study various medicinal plants as a part of their curriculum. To make students and staff aware about social responsibility of Environment Protection we have unique policy referred as medicinal plant adaptation policy whereby every staff members assign at least one plant for its caring and adoption.


87 sq. m (Area 936 sq. ft.) including animal feed room.

The pre-clinical testing carried on animals evaluates the efficacy and the toxicity of the product before its possible administration to human beings. DBCOP has well established animal house approved by CPCSEA, giving all the necessary care & facilities for hygienic housing of laboratory animals like Wistar rats and mice required for preclinical studies.


Conference hall at DBCOP measures about 75 Sq. m. it is equipped with audio-visual facilities for conducting presentations and meetings.    


DBCOP has a separate fully Air Conditioned Seminar Hall measures about 215 sq. m. with seating capacity of 200 equipped with audio-visual facilitations. Students regularly deliver seminars, group discussions, debates and guest lectures at Seminar hall. Seminar hall is spacious, well ventilated and equipped with Projectors, Internet access unit for presentations, meetings, conferences and lectures.


DBCOP has spacious Girls and Boys rooms as per regulatory norms given by AICTE and PCI. Girls’ room is facilitated with cot and bed, dining tables, cup-boards, sanitary napkin vending machine, inclinator and first aid box are available. Boys’ common room is equipped with cot and bed, dining tables, sports facilities, and first aid box.


The Sick Room at our college measures about 20 sq. m. which is enough to accommodate and takes care of the patient from the college. Health checkups are done under specialized doctor’s supervision at regular intervals.


Two store rooms are available at DBCOP. Store rooms are constructed as per regulatory norms. Central Store room stores required chemicals which are supplied to laboratories. Acids and other inflammable / hazardous chemicals are stored as per the guidelines issued by regulatory agencies.     


DBCOP facilitates students with transport arrangement; we have 2 buses dedicated for students for their transport from city to college. Pick and drop is arranged as per timings of college curriculum with one security guard always in bus traveling with the students.


Area: 1500 sq. ft.

Every student, staff member and visitors desire & has a right for food that must be hygienic and healthy. The college is having a FSSAI approved well hygienic canteen in a campus which is important for students, staff and visitors.The canteen is having a cafeteria, with ample sitting arrangement. The students, teaching, supporting staff and visitors can enjoy tea or coffee, fresh and hygienic snacks and lunch. This is the most fascinating place for the students to enjoy the college life.


The campus has huge playing ground of 2.5 acres attached to the campus that create lively and sporting environment in the campus. Every year DBCOP organize National Level Pharma Cricket League (PCL) for the development of core value togetherness in the students. 


Dadasaheb Balpande Cricket Academy, which is run by Ambe Durga Education Society facilitates sports training for DBCOP students.    


Uninterrupted Power supply for college 62.5KVA and inverter power backup 25 KVA for Sophisticated instruments is available at college.


Physical Facilities for Extra curricular activities

Physical Facilities for Curricular Activities


ICT Facility